Angels of Love - Parvathi Shri

During this accursed days of the pandemic few individuals stand head and shoulders above the rest, Parvathi Shri is one among them, she is known for her active participation in Wikipedia contribution, an excellent teacher and a need of the hour social activist. She is also a friend of Shajahan from Delhi, a person whose name comes to our mind during a disaster.
Parvathi Shri started her service to the needy during this lockdown on 13/04/2029, she began her service from her own funds and started to feed 50 hungry souls, later her friends joined hands with her and the number of beneficiaries grown to 200. 
Saffiullah, one of her donors emptied his account and transferred until his last penny! I have never known him in person, but people like him make the unbelievable happen. May his lord bring him prosperity and peace. 

She had provided rice bags to all her 300 hundred of her students, and several cleaning staff with the help of Pugazhenthi Sivaji, from North California,  Dhananjayan Krish…

Angels of Love - Eniyan

Eniyan Ramamurthy 

Once an employee of an MNC, had a severe health setback, nearly met his death and luckily bounced back. During his recovery period he formed a determination, a decision to go the the children as a story teller and puppeteer. Now he lead a more meaningful life.

Angels of Love

"Lets us sow the seeds of love in our travel let some one, some day reap it" is the principle of this gentle man from Delhi. He is such a gifted writer, social activist, and patron for poor students.

Irrfan Khan 1967-2020

In these accursed Covid enforced curfew we were having our lunch watching an interview of Irrfan Khan, the way he handled the questions, and the answers given by him made us adore his intellect, my wife even asked me "Why are our villains so intelligent?" and we listed other intellects like Prakash Raj, M.R.Radha and so on.

But all of a sudden the bottom of the screen darkened there glittered the word "RIP" which drove a nail into our hearts, immediately my  wife asked me to change the channel it was too much for her to watch such a wonderful interview of a dead person. Right from the President to the actors the eulogies started to scroll.

I could not stand it. I changed the channel.

Very few would have known that Irrfan was selected for C.K. Naidu Tournament but could not play as had no funds. He pursued his  education and in 1984 started practicing art in National School of Drama.

He was not prominent until he stared in the British film Warrior, very slowly he m…

Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Last year in one of the lists of must read books of Anantha Vikatan, this book "JLS" was mentioned.
During the 2020 Pudukkottai Book Fest I found this book and bought it from Book World guys. This morning I have completed this book at one sitting, an art that I have lost touch in the recent days.

If you need to find the answer for the question "Why the people celebrate it?" you have to read the book. This book must be chewed again and again. It is a light house to guide to ashore and power house for dreamers. the people who dare to differ, people who are far from the madding crowed.

Jo a seagull, who wanted to experiment all the possible ways of flight, dive, barrel roles is scorned by his kind. His mother asked him to live by the rules of flock, that is to fish, collect stale breads from the shore, and circle around fishing boats for his food.

This is not his real goal, he never bothered about hunger, all he wanted to do was to experiment the flight. He circles, …



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