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Rhymes for children

 Benefits of Teaching Rhymes to Kids Teaching rhymes helps children to build a sound phonological knowledge. The children practices phonemes. This helps in understanding language functions. Teaching these things by any other means would be a great trouble. Rhymes are life savers! With rhymes kids develop basic language abilities. So don’t let your kids miss this. Give them a lot of rhymes. Here we present Mrs. Preama’s rhymes. Mrs. Prema is a veteran English Teacher. She had served as a B.T. English, P.G.English and retired as a Head Master. She is popular among teachers for her sound ideas on education, innovative teaching methods and command over English Language. She has also translated Thirukkural into English. Malartharu deem it to be a great honour to share her writings. Hope they will be useful to millions of caring parents. Respect all Thank you Mummy for Tiffin Thank you Daddy for books Thank you Dobby for dress   Thank you Cobbler for sh

tronbrook: Way to worship

tronbrook: Way to worship : Let’s transform schools as holy as temples  - Mahakavi Bharathi.   Worship and prayer are the best medications for all t...