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Logan 2017

James Logan Howlett has  been enthralling audiences around the globe. When ever he appears in an x men film his fans celebrate him with wolf whistles!  Logan is the most powerful mutant in the X Men team,  born in 1845 had crossed numerous death traps, survived the first world  war, fought in second  world war and faced challenges that attracted the audience.  He is a type. Very honest, fights  and saves his  friends, when cornered  gets into an aggressive mode  called berserker mode. This gives him an advantage when he has to fight with mind readers. In this mode he sheds his conscience and goes into a trans and spin into a killing spree.  He never ages, heals instantly, his body spits out the bullets oops. He is young and attractive for centuries. He has a metal fused into  his skeletal system. He is known for his iconic adamantium claws that come out from his knuckles in the time of fury.  Since 2000 Huge Jackman played the role  of Logan, but when this proj