Logan 2017

James Logan Howlett has  been enthralling audiences around the globe. When ever he appears in an x men film his fans celebrate him with wolf whistles! 

Logan is the most powerful mutant in the X Men team,  born in 1845 had crossed numerous death traps, survived the first world  war, fought in second  world war and faced challenges that attracted the audience. 

He is a type. Very honest, fights  and saves his  friends, when cornered  gets into an aggressive mode  called berserker mode. This gives him an advantage when he has to fight with mind readers. In this mode he sheds his conscience and goes into a trans and spin into a killing spree. 

He never ages, heals instantly, his body spits out the bullets oops. He is young and attractive for centuries. He has a metal fused into  his skeletal system. He is known for his iconic adamantium claws that come out from his knuckles in the time of fury. 

Since 2000 Huge Jackman played the role  of Logan, but when this project started he uploaded a picture of his claws  in his facebook account and said "One last  time". 

I did not expect such an ending to a super hit character. All the earlier films portrayed Logan's healing powers and his unmatched skill in hand to hand combat. 

In Logan 2017 we see an ailing superhero, the all powerful wolverine has lost his power to heal, he has a limping walk, beaten by everyone and looks for a hiding place. He opts to flee. 

All he wants is a Sunseeker boat and a pile of medicine for his ailing friend Professor Xavier who is suffering from neurodegenerative disease. Both were given asylum by a tracker mutant Caliban, a   tracker. 

Mean while Revers are looking for a girl named Laura aka x-23. Logan came to know that his DNA was used to create Laura, thus she  is his daughter!

The kid Laura fights better than old man Logan, and the travel miles together to rach a place called Eden. 

This movie is morbid, it portrays the most celebrated superheroes  in their twilight.  They are superheroes no more. They flee and look for safety. 

The story  set in  2029 shows the piteous state of Wolverine. 

It is too sick at places, especially when a doctor volunteers to help Logan his body is unbearably sliced in places. 

Since Marvel has grossed millions on this Xmen team, they have decided to trash the older characters and rope in new superheroes.  

In the earlier versions of this film, Magneto has lost his power, Jene has become Phoenix and was killed by Wolverine himself. Professor Xavier is shattered into particles by Phoenix. 

So it is easy to guess, as all his friends  has gone Wolverine's existence has no point! 

This movie had just bid good bye to one of the  most celebrated comic superheroes characters.

Hold  your horses. 

These guys have an excuse to bring Wolverine back alive. They may say he is alive in another  timeline! 

A bitter kind of treat for Wolverine's fans!


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