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12 Angry Men

Can anyone believe this? An entire movie, which is shot inside  a single room would become one of the classics, and yet become a top grosser?  Can a 1957  movie  still be relevant?  Is that possible? The answer is yes, and the celluloid classic is 12 Angry Men from the director Sidney Lumet, produced by Henry Fonda, who also starred in the lead character.  In one word this movie just stripped off the American Judiciary.  The movie begins with the Judge's order to deliberate a case of a young man who was acquiesced of stabbing his own father to death.   The Judge asks the members of Jury to give an unanimous verdict, and the poor boy's face fades out as the Juries assembles themselves inside their room.  Except only one of the juries all the members decide that the lad is guilty. Only one man differs and he argues with the fellow members and eventually lead to the acquittal of the lad.  What makes this film so special and very relevant even today is the way it handles the charac

Dumbo 2019

Dumbo - The flying elephant calf hit the theaters this week. Tim Burton's remake of Disney's 1941 classic version of Dumbo has close resemblances to the old one. I had a chance to watch this movie in real 3 d version. But I was not immersed in the scenes. Some how the advancement of the 3D tech has taken away the thrill of 3D. The format  some how failed to send cold signals down the audiences nerves. The VFX is wow kind, little Dumbo's eyes are so expressive thanks to it. The entire story is set around 1919, making it one of the period movies when Circus tents attracted an entire town and how the trade slowly became obsolete and movies flooded to fill the vacuum. In the initial portions Dumbo pulls some serious sentimental strings but fails to maintain it. Tim had decided that one silhouette of Collin Farrell sitting in the dusk watching his severed hand is enough. It was the only place in the movie that we feel sorry for him and to sympathi