Honda Super Bikes - Honda CBR250R

Motor reviewers used to say if a product of Honda hits the road, it will set new standards, the passion Honda packs with its product is well known to it is fans.

In the Indian market it sells bikes from 44 k and the prices even reach 30 lacks!

Here comes one of the super bikes, Honda CBR250R, it comes in two variants one with ABS cost around 1.95 lakhs the other comes without ABS cost 1.65 lacs (prices may vary according to local taxes).

This masterpiece was pulled out of market for a short while, as Honda have to upgrade it to meet BSIV standards. Now the tourer is back on the market.

This Japanese beast has  liquid cooled 249.60cc, Single Cylinder, 4-Valve, DOHC, SI Engine .  It can reach top speed of 135KMPH, but as we know it is a white lie to come around the norms of the Indian Motor Law and save additional tax. I hope speedometer needle will hit 180 without any fuss. I have reasons to believe that Honda had toned down the power to meet the Indian Motor Guidelines.

You may ask, Sir what is the expected  mileage, then this is not your bike. This is a world standard tourer sports built, made only the power output not economy in mind. It is totally another game for regular bikers. This bike is not built for regular transit,  it is made to meet the needs of the passionate bikers. As per Honda’s statement the bikes gives 29 kmpl.
Specification of Honda CBR 250R

This beast has dual  disc brakes, a variant also has dual channel ABS,  digitalized Trip Meter, Odometer, Miles before Empty meter, that helps the rider to know when to refill the 13 litter tank. 

The front suspension is telescopic, rear is mono shock, the head lamp, tail lamp,  turn indicators all are LEDs. It has manual transmission with six speed gear box.

Lets turn the throttle

Kasthuri Rengan


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