Irrfan Khan 1967-2020

Irrfan Khan
In these accursed Covid enforced curfew we were having our lunch watching an interview of Irrfan Khan, the way he handled the questions, and the answers given by him made us adore his intellect, my wife even asked me "Why are our villains so intelligent?" and we listed other intellects like Prakash Raj, M.R.Radha and so on.

But all of a sudden the bottom of the screen darkened there glittered the word "RIP" which drove a nail into our hearts, immediately my  wife asked me to change the channel it was too much for her to watch such a wonderful interview of a dead person. Right from the President to the actors the eulogies started to scroll.

I could not stand it. I changed the channel.

Very few would have known that Irrfan was selected for C.K. Naidu Tournament but could not play as had no funds. He pursued his  education and in 1984 started practicing art in National School of Drama.

He was not prominent until he stared in the British film Warrior, very slowly he made his growth in the industry. Even after becoming a star, he continued to anchor TV Shows!

"In his own words he need not hold on to a particular role, if he does he will be stuck, he has to move on, he has to accept all the possible roles which attracts him and to test his skill" ...what a stand!

Like most of the unique talents, Irrfan too had a strong ritual, staying up all night and going through the scripts of holliwood movies and take notes, he goes to bed at 3:00 am everyday! It could have wrecked his health may be the cause of his brain cancer.

I still remember him wrecking his heli in Jurassic Park, and the collection of strange daggers he had in the film Inferno. The western movie world wanted to give a local feel to its global audience, so it hires the most talented skills in to its movies.

Irrfan Khan always enthralled us through is presence, what a great curse we lost him.

Yesterday he was admitted for his colon infection and today he succumbed to it.

Really a great loss.

Kasthuri Rengan


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