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Angels of Love - Pudugai Selva

Whenever a disaster strikes Pudugai Selva is one among the first to leap into the field, as the western media is flashing up the adverse effects of the pandemic, the stories of bodies piling up the street, the missing Cell phone subscriptions of China most of us decided to stay indoors.  The underprivileged were left to their fate, the central government had completely abandoned the laborers on the road, who died out of hunger and thirst with blistered feet. While most of us stayed indoors and witnessed this agony in a helpless anger few gave us hope.  Selva was one among them,  a video cameraman, owner of SKV Digital Studios, he is a perfectionist and follows strict rules in his profession. From the very first day of the lock down he is still in the field. Selva is also a contributor to Tamil Nadu new textbook, and its content for he is an activist for the welfare of the  Public Education and Government Schools. He had adopted few schools in the Neelgiris. Selva had  gathered help fro