12 Angry Men

Can anyone believe this? An entire movie, which is shot inside  a single room would become one of the classics, and yet become a top grosser?  Can a 1957  movie  still be relevant?  Is that possible? The answer is yes, and the celluloid classic is 12 Angry Men from the director Sidney Lumet, produced by Henry Fonda, who also starred in the lead character.  In one word this movie just stripped off the American Judiciary.  The movie begins with the Judge's order to deliberate a case of a young man who was acquiesced of stabbing his own father to death.   The Judge asks the members of Jury to give an unanimous verdict, and the poor boy's face fades out as the Juries assembles themselves inside their room.  Except only one of the juries all the members decide that the lad is guilty. Only one man differs and he argues with the fellow members and eventually lead to the acquittal of the lad.  What makes this film so special and very relevant even today is the way it handles the charac

Angels of Love - Pudugai Selva

Whenever a disaster strikes Pudugai Selva is one among the first to leap into the field, as the western media is flashing up the adverse effects of the pandemic, the stories of bodies piling up the street, the missing Cell phone subscriptions of China most of us decided to stay indoors. 

The underprivileged were left to their fate, the central government had completely abandoned the laborers on the road, who died out of hunger and thirst with blistered feet. While most of us stayed indoors and witnessed this agony in a helpless anger few gave us hope. 

Selva was one among them,  a video cameraman, owner of SKV Digital Studios, he is a perfectionist and follows strict rules in his profession. From the very first day of the lock down he is still in the field. Selva is also a contributor to Tamil Nadu new textbook, and its content for he is an activist for the welfare of the  Public Education and Government Schools. He had adopted few schools in the Neelgiris. Selva had  gathered help from his friends, right from Gaja Commander Shajahan, from New Delhi to Corona Care Givers group of the district.   

He is always accompanied by his friends Madhan, Muthuramalingam and Jansy in all his operations. The have formed a welfare group called "Thunaivan" and give a rejuvenation camp for the AIDS afflicted students.  

During this lockdown Selva has done varied activities, right from preparing food and serving the hungry, distributing materials among the poor, rescuing abandoned souls and providing them shelter was worth mentioning.   

You might have guessed, it is impossible to involve into this varied welfare activities, you guessed it right. 

Now let us see the people who made Selva possible. 

His family, Mrs. Reka Selva, has given him full freedom in his social welfare activities. In any district level meet whether it is a literary meeting or Book Expo Preparatory meeting or even a protest Selva would be there with his family. With Reka, his son Gowtham and his daughter Sangamithra. Districts top brass knew his children very well. 

So his family gives him energy to endure the challenges he had to face in his career as well as in his volunteerism. 

Then comes his friends Jansy, Muthuramalingam, Madhan Mady, Kandasamy, Head Master Vijaya manikam, Photo journalist Ma.Mu. Kannan and Thiruppathy. 

This team risks everything to the welfare of the fellow human beings. 
His work is so varied that I had to post few of the pictures of his field work, though they are many in numbers, it is obvious that I could not help, actually  I have limited the number of pictures. 

(from left to right) A beneficiary, Muthuramalingam, Jansy and Ma.Mu.Kannan

Mrs. Jansy with kids

Mrs. Jansy, Mady Mathan and Muthuramalingam packs things for the distribution

Dr. Ramdhas, a pediatrician visits the kids camp arranged by the team.

Selva records the facts of the field

Dr. Ramdhaas diagnose a kid at the camp.  

Mr. Kandha Samy distributes milk

Crispy Murukku is served in the camp

Mentally challenged are taken care

One of the most wanted food destination of the district takes part in the Covid Relief

Photo journalist Ma.Mu.Kannan distributes Covid assistance 

Anbu Canteen at the relief work

The mentally ill are abandoned, and now under the care of Selva and friends. 

Head master Vijya Manikkam distributes materials and books to the kids

Photo Journalist Ma.Mu. Kannan. 

The team adopts a old granny. 

The DSP Arun sir releases a book authored by Sadhasivam sir  

Material distribution at the temple corridor

The children at the camp are given books to read

Head Master Vijyamanicam distributes milk. 

The little boy is Goutham, son of Selva

Mady Madhan, extreme right.

The team is ready for work.

Author Solachy 

Sangamithra, Daughter of Selva takes care of the new born baby

Mr. and Mrs Selva looks on the new born baby of an abandoned blind lady. 

The new born is being diagnosed by Dr. Ramdhaas

The New born baby is heading way home.

Food is being prepared for the Udaiyaneri Colony people
Teacher Selvakkumar is contributing for the welfare

PET Teacher Mr. Kandasamy at the field

Teacher Asha Gani contributes 

DSP Arun publishes Corona Awareness book authored by Mr. Sadhasivam


  1. கொஞ்சம் கூச்சமாகவும் இருக்கிறது நண்பா... இப்படி படிக்கையில்... உமது எழுத்தில் பெருமிதம் கொள்கிறேன்... இவ்வளவு தூரம் என்னை வேறு யாரறிவார்... நான் என்றாலும் நாம் என்றாலும் நாம் எல்லோரும்தானே... இது நமது பணிதான் நண்பா.


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