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Angels of Love

DR.Ramdass Dr. Ramdass is the name which comes to any Pudukkottaian's mind, for he is involved in several welfare activities, which includes running a scholarship programme, serving as a patron of Ramalinga Adikal School for Orphans, maintaining the district crematorium, cremating the abandoned bodies with proper rites it is such a long list of activities,  he had been doing this for more than a decade.  Really a great soul.  He visited the children at the Covid-19 camp, supplied massive amount of rice,  was really a great inspiration to all the volunteers. His Highness Karthik Thondaiman His Highness Karthik Thondaiman is the royal prince of the Pudukkottai State, he was one of the active field workers of the Covid-19 disaster. His loyal followers like Bell, (Ex. Ward Member of Periyar Nagar) were assisted  by him. It is really sad that he had lost in the Election, yet he decided to assist the people.  JBR Bell Bell is one of the top volunteers of the district, if Cuddlore is stru